November (Autumn) Update

After another busy summer, it's time to reflect on what I've been up to since the last update on here.


In terms of architectural services, I've been pleased to see the completion on site of a project in Dorking, on a tight site, photos below. Works went well on site, ably carried out by the tradesmen of ADV (UK) Ltd., of Dorking.  I'll share some in-progress photos of the works at a later date, but there's only so many photos of a building site that people want to see!

Next off the ranks is likely to be this project, again in Dorking, which is currently out at tender.  The Clients are keeping an eye on this one themselves, but I hope to bring you some photos of the completed project next year.

Extract from a drawing, showing the elevations
Planning Elevations
Drawing extract, showing the proposed ground floor plan
Ground Floor Plan

As you can see, there's a lot more going on inside the house than on the outside, but we received planning permission for the porch extension earlier in the summer.


I'll give more updates on how this one is progressing on site next year.

Photo showing completed repairs to chimneys
Completed Chimney Repairs and Gutter Replacement

This is a multi-stage project in Shere, on a tenanted property.  Most urgent were some chimney repair and gutter replacement, shown completed here.  The works were undertaken by Charterhouse Roofing, of Chilworth.


We also negotiated Planning permission for a rear extension, following the demolition of a very tired-looking conservatory.Those works will be carried out in the next year, and I'm looking forward to seeing how the extension comes out!

Drawing extract showing elevations of an extension
Planning Elevations

As always, do please let me know if you have any property issues: extensions, alterations, new build work, survey needs, defects or maintenance advice, anything at all, please: get in touch.

Photo of appliqué hanging of poppies
"Remembrance", by Claire Sears (2019)

Finally, as Hallowe'en and bonfire night pass, we remember those that we've lost this year, and those who have been affected by war worldwide.


We will remember them.



This is an appliqué piece that my wife Claire has in our window at present, entitled "Remembrance". Look out for more of her work at her web site at, and on her Facebook page Aelf Makes.


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Look out for more updates before the end of the year.