November (Autumn) Update

After another busy summer, it's time to reflect on what I've been up to since the last update on here.


In terms of architectural services, I've been pleased to see the completion on site of a project in Dorking, on a tight site, photos below. Works went well on site, ably carried out by the tradesmen of ADV (UK) Ltd., of Dorking.  I'll share some in-progress photos of the works at a later date, but there's only so many photos of a building site that people want to see!

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Spring Update

Now we're into British Summer Time, it's about time for an update.


It's been a busy few months since Christmas, sadly dominated by the passing of my father, Philip Sears. Phil founded Philip Sears Designs in 1980, and retired from the practice in 2016, shortly before being diagnosed with a very rare secondary cancer with no NICE-approved treatment. Phil was admitted to hospital at the end of January, and passed away with his family mid-February. His funeral was held at Clandon Wood Natural Burial Ground, with about 130 friends and family in attendance. Many thanks to Hannah Green, Sherlock Funeral Service, Merrow Savouries and Plant Passion for their help with the day.


If anyone would like to donate to The Institute for Cancer Vaccines and Immunotherapy, please do so here.


At the office, it's been a busy time with new enquiries, and there are some interesting projects on the horizon and on the drawing board. As well as a number of interesting residential extensions and alterations, I've been working on some portfolio repairs and refurbishments to properties in Dorking, Shere and Leatherhead. I have some projects on site in Dorking, Coldharbour and Bookham, and I'm looking forward to uploading some photographs as the projects complete in the next few months.


In the meantime, here are some before and after photographs for a basement conversion project nearby that we were involved with, completed by Surrey Basements. The Clients are very happy with the project, and I think it's come out very well.


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New Year: New Plans?

Welcome to 2019 - Happy New Year!


With the mince pies and festive telly a dim and distant memory, here's a quick note to remind you that we're here for any property-related issues you may have, at home and at work.


Whether you're moving in 2019 (we can help with your Building Survey or House Purchase Report), or thinking of adding an extra bedroom to the house, please get in touch. If you're relocating your business or setting up afresh, again, please let me know.


For building projects, we can help with measuring up and drawings for Planning Permission, Building Regulations, finding builders and running the project on site. If the works fall under the Party Wall etc. Act, we can help out here as well.


If you're happy where you are, but are worried about a building defect, we can look at building cracking, water ingress and other building problems, either reassuring you that all is well, or advising you how to put it right.


So, if we can help, please let us know!

November Update


It's been another busy month, so it's good to take the time to reflect on what I've been up to.


There's been a focus on roofs, old and new, for me this month: regularising a loft conversion built without Building Regulations in Dorking, and overcoming some roof issues on a site in Coldharbour.


In particular, it's always worth obtaining the permissions you need before starting work: both the loft conversion and the unauthorised window replacement I saw in Dorking this month are going to be expensive to put right.

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Autumn Update

Hang on - October already? It doesn't feel like a month ago since I returned from a couple of weeks out of the office, but the long hot summer feels a LONG time ago now!


So far this autumn I've been working on a number of projects locally, starting with an interesting conversion project from commercial to residential in Dorking, which has been going through Planning and Building Regulations. Another local company negotiated the initial Planning consent for this project, but the layout changed a little and a Non-Material Amendment application was submitted to regularise that. We have Building Regulations approval now, so hopefully we can get some prices in from builders very soon.

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