Spring in the Air?

It's been a busy few weeks since we came back from Christmas! With people discussing changes at home or in their businesses while digesting their turkey, we often see a lot of new enquiries in January and early February. I'm looking forward to bringing the new projects on-stream, along with pushing forward the projects in Holmwood, Newdigate and Fetcham.


Having said that, if you are moving home (or work), or want to change things around, please let us know - we'd be very pleased to help if we can.


As a follow-up to December's post, we were delighted that our local Primary School was rated Good by Ofsted (and not before time), so everyone connected with the school has been even more #ProudToBePowell since the news broke in January! Thanks to what Surrey County Council describes as a "low birth year", there are still places in the current Reception year, so if any local parents with children in Reception are looking for a change, do get in touch with the Head!


I'll be having a quick drink later to celebrate another (non-milestone) birthday, and I'll catch up next month with more news from the office.